Time Has Come


(Photo credit: Maysa-Maria Peterson)

I’ve waited so long,
I looked past the lies,
I’ve hoped beyond hope,
I believed in more tries.

You played with my heart,
and enjoyed your games,
you wouldn’t leave me alone,
and now silence alone remains.

Time has come to let you go,
the fantasy that you portrayed;
time has come to set aside dreams,
the truth hurts less than being played.

Some fond memories will I have,
tempered also with sorrow;
some things will forever be yours,
tempered by tomorrow must never be borrowed.

Friday Tunes (pt. 3)

This week, I’m really in an indie sort of mood. That’s my favorite genre of music to listen to on a daily basis. The songs I am going to share are songs I regularly play for myself, personal favorites. These are not necessarily new songs, but they are very good. I really hope you enjoy.

(For me, this is everything a song should be: great lyrics, catchy, almost hypnotic, and feels good. I like to listen to this song when writing or driving. Magic Man is a five-piece band from Providence, Rhode Island and Boston, Massachusetts. The band was formed in 2010 by Alex Caplow (vocals) and Sam Vanderhoop Lee (guitars and keyboard). They later added college friends Justine Bowe (keyboards), Joey Sulkowski (drums), and Gabe Goodman (bass) to the roster, allowing the New England based group to become a full-fledged band. Their style is best described as synthrock.)

(Again, another really catchy song; makes you smile and move your head. I also like the music video, it’s creative. The Jungle Giants are an Australian four-piece band, which formed in 2011 in Brisbane, Queensland. They all attended the same high school, and were in different bands, before coming together in college. They’re indie rock/indie pop.)

(This song is really good. You can say they’re more indie rock than just indie/indie folk. I like the lyrics a lot. It has an alternative vibe. Bad Suns is an American alternative rock band that formed in 2012, with most of the members hailing from California; that’s where I’m from too.)



(Photo credit: Pauline Battell)

All that I am,
is lost in the wind;
the louder I speak,
the more I am invisible.
Your words reach my heart,
captivating, inspiring;
I reach out to you,
longing to follow my heart.
But all that I am,
gets lost in the crowd;
the more I desire,
the less I am found.



(Photo credit: Billi Kad)

I am fragile,
but do not think I am weak;
I speak boldly when needed,
yet most often I am meek.

I am fragile,
but I have weathered strife;
I was nearly smothered,
yet I have found renewed life.

I am fragile,
but I have a strong heart;
I take time to open up,
yet I am honest from the start.

I am fragile,
but I keep hope alive;
I feel things very strongly,
yet to trust in others I strive.

Friday Tunes (pt. 2)

Hmm, another indie line-up for me, I think. Some of you may be braving the crowds for Black Friday deals, but I am staying safe at home, lol. Please enjoy these songs, and let me know what you think. Do you enjoy my music posts? Do you have any suggestions?

(Man, I had forgotten about this song, but I just rediscovered it a couple weeks ago….totally adicted to it! I love everything about this song; and the video is so weirdly cool, I can’t get enough of it. Sylvan Esso is an American electropop duo based in Durham, North Carolina. Formed in 2013, the band consists of singer Amelia Meath and producer Nick Sanborn.)

(LOVE THIS SONG! Anna Lotterud, has some amazing vocals, Scandinavian influenced. I first heard the remix of this song (look it up, it’s called the Chainsmokers Remix), which is really good. Personally, I prefer this purer version, but I think more people will probably like the remix, because it’s more electro-pop. Either way, rather a hypnotic song.)

(I like the lyrics in this song. One of the things I like about indie songs, is that the lyrics are so much better because they are written by the actual people who sing the songs, not a ghostwriter or boardroom of guys. This song is the debut of the indie-pop duo Denny White & Steven Mudd, who are from Califormia.)