(Photo credit : Google images)

I want to be known,
I want to be touched;
my heart longs to know
that I am not alone.

I want to belong,
I want to be included;
my heart yearns for a connection
with one who accepts me.

I want to be known,
I want to be home;
my heart waits to find the one
who beats in tune with my own.

Not Enough


(Photo credit : Hermann M.)

Sometimes words are not enough,
falling flat or insincere;
verbalization cannot express,
the complexity of human emotion,
juxtaposing feeling with reality.

Sometimes smiles are not enough,
while frowns fail in gravity;
conveying an inner truth,
distracted by another’s being,
allows you to get lost in translation.



(Photo credit : Jacob Sutton)

Creature of sunshine,
let me look at you;
the pleasure of life
shines joy in your eyes.
To live each day
is an adventure to you;
gloom passes its shadow
quickly turning into a smile.
Settled and contended
in who you are;
I admire your strength,
wanting to gaze at your sunshine.

I Saw


(Photo credit : Agi Niahon)

I saw you in my dreams last night,
just when I thought I would no more;
you spoke to me, you called my name,
gazing at me in complete adore.

I saw you in my dreams last night,
and I don’t know what else to say;
the mind remembers and does not forget,
the yearning we can no longer say.

Deadly Touch

(Photo credit: Keidu Z.)

Why do I feel
like my praise constricts?
Why did it seem
like my admiration kills?

When I find delight
in another’s talents,
and make my feelings known,
you can be sure
that within a year,
as my appreciation grows,
that they will lose their touch.

The poet ceases to write,
the artist fails to create.
The sadness overwhelms me,
for I have a deadly touch.



(Photo credit : Kristina Bustamante, tiramisu, taken at Pip’s on La Brea, in Los Angeles, CA)

Fine maitre d’,
friendly and attentive;
best experience of my life.

Kissing my hand,
sharing his story;
connecting with my entire party.

Complimentary champagne,
glasses never left empty;
true gifting in customer service.

Haunting eyes,
genuine, hearty smile;
I hope to see him again.