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His words always rhyme,
phrases carefully chosen,
each and every time.

Sometimes lighthearted,
and sometimes quite serious,
yet from rhyming never departed.

I really feel some are for me,
the subject and timing,
speak to my heart clearly.

No idea if he’ll ever say,
Hi there Kristina,
how are you today?

Imperfectly Beautiful

The Pensive Poet (Kristina):

Ok, here’s the last poem I am rebloging from last year. I will resume normal posting tomorrow. Thanks for taking a look back at last year with me!

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Imperfectly beautiful,
a painting of many colors,
symphonic pairing of emotions,
mixed with scars and talents.

Imperfectly beautiful,
a ready smile for others,
confidence shining through
the haze of failures past.

Imperfectly beautiful,
a heart full of wonders,
uniquely crafted masterpiece,
a treasure to be found.

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Indie Tunes

Time for some cool indie songs! There’s such an abundance of great music that isn’t played on the radio. Expand your horizons. Whether you’re at work, at home, or whatever, listen to this playlist. I guarentee you won’t be sorry. Please enjoy!

(I really am enjoying this song.)

(Now, 99% of the time, I don’t like covers/remixes, but this one is really, really good.)

(I LOVE this one!!)

(I like the vocals on this song.)

(Unique sound, and awesome beats.)

(This song has so many different elements to it, it even has an 80s flare.)

(This one is really cool.)

there was a girl

The Pensive Poet (Kristina):

Well, my week of looking back at old poems continues. This one is pretty self explanatory I think. I am enjoying this; it’s making me very thoughtful, and grateful to see where I’ve been, and how far I’ve come.

Originally posted on The Pensive Poet:

Once upon a time,
there was a girl
she had many hopes
her dreams were big
her smile bright
her innocence real

She ventured out
into the world
unprepared for all
that was out there
but with the confidence
and vigor of youth

A predator attacked
and stole her youth
so she retreated within
becoming a shell
of her former self
hiding as best she could

Still broken she married
believing he was real
the hero she longed for
blinded by her pain
still naive and unaware

She was used, mistreated
bore him children
dealt with blows and lies
emotional pain as sharp
as the physical she survived
not knowing how to leave

But something happened
in the midst of this hell
she grew up, matured
raising her children helped
so she woke up again
came out of her shell

This is not who I am
I deserve better than…

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Feeling Groovy

I am just in a 70s mood today. Nevermind that I was born in the 80s, I have a deep appreciation and love of 60s/70s music. Here’s a list of songs that I have actually on a burned CD (I made myself). Hope you guys enjoy!

(I love the relaxed vibe this has, and the xylophone solo is just fantastic.)

(Ok, while I realize this may be offensive to some people, please don’t comment anything negative here. I happen to like this song.)

(Yes, this is such a cool 70s song.)

(Come on, what would be a 70s playlist without The Doors?!)

(Wonder how long it’s been since anyone’s listened to this song??)

(I feel like this is one of those underrated songs of the 70s.)

(When listening to this song, I have to sing along.)

(I’ll end this list with one of my most favorite songs of all time.)