Feeling Groovy

I am just in a 70s mood today. Nevermind that I was born in the 80s, I have a deep appreciation and love of 60s/70s music. Here’s a list of songs that I have actually on a burned CD (I made myself). Hope you guys enjoy!

(I love the relaxed vibe this has, and the xylophone solo is just fantastic.)

(Ok, while I realize this may be offensive to some people, please don’t comment anything negative here. I happen to like this song.)

(Yes, this is such a cool 70s song.)

(Come on, what would be a 70s playlist without The Doors?!)

(Wonder how long it’s been since anyone’s listened to this song??)

(I feel like this is one of those underrated songs of the 70s.)

(When listening to this song, I have to sing along.)

(I’ll end this list with one of my most favorite songs of all time.)

Do I?


A question that I have pondered, for many years…but I believe I’ve answered now. It’s a question each person can answer only for themselves.

Originally posted on The Pensive Poet:


Do I love, love?

Is it the idea, the fantasy
of the feeling called love,
the thing which I desire?

Is it an intricate illusion,
created deep in my heart,
that I am waiting for?

Is it tangible, obtainable,
this thing which I desire,
and have yet to find?

Do I love, love?

Or is it contrary to
life, reality, human nature,
to believe in mutual
commitment and trust?
Has my heart been
damaged beyond repair?
Is love something real?

Or do I just love, love?

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Here’s one from November ’13. I like that it can mean different things to different people.

Originally posted on The Pensive Poet:


I can feel you slipping away,
like breath escaping between my lips;
that familiar feeling each day,
never questioning your presence.

Alone once again, but not really alone,
at last I can finally breathe;
I’m no longer balanced on tip toes,
you have no power over me.

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This is about a very personal subject: ethnicity and (you guessed it) labels.

Originally posted on The Pensive Poet:

Growing up mixed,
people have constantly
attempted to affix
labels to who I am.

Mexican or black,
Hawaiian, part Asian;
even a white girl,
have I been called.

Never feeling as though
I ever could belong,
is a hard way to go
throughout this life.

But now that I’m grown,
I see the supreme beauty,
of just being myself,
without any labels at all.

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Welcome to the Masquerade


This week, I am revisiting my poetry from last year. It’s good to reflect, from time to time, where we’ve been. I believe this is one of my best pieces from 2013.

Originally posted on The Pensive Poet:


Visually impaired, mentally scarred,
with cosmetics dripping down,
as you glance into a mirror;
your controlled animation,
intricately designed, constructed to protect
others from seeing through the veneer.

I would really like to know
exactly what lies behind
that mask which you have made;
not to worry if you’ve been left behind,
congratulations, you’ve been invited
to the masquerade.

Life in forward motion,
it seems to exist here,
bodies strewn across the earth;
wolves in sheeps clothing,
smiling eyes and stealthy grins,
we suffer yet we laugh in mirth.

I wonder what will happen,
when your disguise falls apart,
and yourself comes shining through;
are you going to hide your face,
run away, crash and burn,
or stand and just be you?

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Let Go


This is a poem I wrote in November last year, one of those things that just comes to you, and you are compelled to write it.

Originally posted on The Pensive Poet:


Our deepest fears
we carry inside
remain unspoken
from stubborn pride,
nagging us in
the back of our mind,
not wanting to see
we try to hide
push me, pull me,
a scary ride,
we can’t run
from what’s inside,
the smile pasted on
is how we lied,
waiting for fate
to change the tide,
as we trust someone
wanting them for a guide,
but even they
have demons inside,
living, loving,
while safe on the outside,
is really done within,
now let me confide,
until we let go,
we will never thrive.

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Monday Music

This Monday, I think I’m in a weird, funky, thoughtful, introspective mood. Doing lots of thinking, writing, and dusting in the attic of my mind. So, here’s some music that goes along with it. Enjoy.

(This is good mood music for me, I like the video for it too.)

(I like this. A lot. Bad language, yes, but this guy is really creative. He has a cool story. Definitely one to watch in the coming years.)

(Contagious beat, good lyrics, an all-around cool song.)

(Another one that is so contagious. Really am enjoying this.)

(I really love the sound of this one, makes me want it on repeat for a while. Introspective kind of music.)

(A bit different perhaps, but I like the nostalgic/retro sound of it, and the vocals.)

(Last but not least, another retro inspired song.)

Cold Sunrise


Another of my poems from last October. I was inspired by personal experiences; I wrote this in one shot, while listening to a song that I had come across, after not hearing it for nearly 10 years. Sad, melancholy, but I am proud of its honesty.

Originally posted on The Pensive Poet:


Sunrise comes up slowly,

finds me exactly where I watched it set,

spent the night inside myself,

but I still haven’t found me yet.


I got caught in the memories,

because they never fail to prove,

I’m insecure and incomplete,

and I keep searching for the truth.


All I am is crying out,

for someone to help me now,

I close my eyes to breath deep,

I carry it inside, I don’t make a sound.


I’ve walked a million miles,

in the spaces of my mind,

played it over and over again,

until there are no more smiles.


Here on the beach, alone,

I don’t know what I’ll do,

but I know I have to rise,

and I will do it, without you.




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Something Wild


So, this week I am revisting some of my older poems. Here is one of my personal favorites (from last October), I hope you all enjoy.

Originally posted on The Pensive Poet:


How do you love
something that is wild?
How do you keep
something that is free?

How do you tame
the mind that likes to soar?
How do you save
the heart from itself?

To love something wild
you must be brave,
you must be dedicated.
To tame something wild
you must be patient,
you must be strong.

Ready to take flight
with lightning speed,
a free spirit cannot be
controlled or contained.

Can you catch a tiger
by his tail?
Can you control a lion
with a chair?

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