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I do not seek to be renown,
nor do I wish a bank account overgrown,
I speak of what I must,
so others may trust,
that I am who I say,
and I’m here everyday,
my heart upon my sleeve,
feelings so strong I grieve,
carrying hope inside,
a strength and weakness I confide,
I want others to know,
that they are not alone,
and when this day is done,
it’s not about who has won,
for everyone will die,
and yet we must try,
to love our fellow man,
this may be the only hand,
offered in kindness,
that ever reaches into the blindness,
of those bitter, angry souls,
who feel no better than trolls,
and if I can touch one of these,
each time I am at ease,
for I know it could be me,
languishing under hostility,
so though I bear the burden,
of feeling so much, and hurting,
I love people more,
and share even where it’s sore,
to put myself in someone’s shoes,
is the respect each of us is due.

Thursday Thoughts: Feedback

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A conversation can only take place with two or more people, right? And I believe, as a blogger, that it’s important to have dialogue with my readers. Yes, I write for me, but I want to connect with others. If I didn’t care about anyone but myself, then I would write on a notebook, and never have a blog, or post anything online. So my question is this: What do you do when people won’t dialogue with you?

I have lots of followers, but only a small group ever comment or like any of my posts. Most of the questions I ask remain unanswered. Shouldn’t I just soldier on? Shouldn’t I just keep saying what it is I feel I need to say, regardless of whether people comment or not? Sure. I can agree with that. However, I’m not a robot. I’m a person, with feelings. I’d be lying if I said my feelings don’t get hurt, or that I don’t get disappointed. For example, yesterday, I posted a question to all of my readers/followers regarding my music posts: Should I continue posting lists of several music videos, or limit it to just one video per post? And guess what….no one commented.

In the year + eight months that I’ve started this blog, so much has happened. My style of poetry has changed somewhat, I’ve added at least three other categories (Tuesday Talk, Thursday Thoughts, and Music), I’ve taken breaks, I’ve made and lost friends, and through it all, my readership has continued to grow. I appreciate people who take the time to read what I post, or listen to my music posts. I appreciate all of the kind comments from people. I appreciate all of the people who have chosen to follow my blog, out of the thousands that are out there.

I’d just like to know…What does a girl have to do to get some conversation going with people? (insert crickets chirping here) I spend time on others posts/blogs everyday. I add new blogs that I follow every week. I answer comments, and I comment on other people’s blogs as well. I don’t think that I am some sort of master writer, someone great like Poe, or Tolkien, or Frost, or Tolstoy, or Shakespeare, or Longfellow, etc. But neither do I think that my writing is just crap.

Do I need to step up my game? Post more often? I cannot crank out a set number of poems a day; I write when it strikes me, when I am inspired to write, when I need to get something that’s pressing on my heart, out. I am not the perpetually positive one, who always posts uplifting happy stuff. I am not the scholar, posting techniques to help other writers. I do not have a blog geared towards something specific, like travel, novels, food, women’s rights, opinion, etc. My blog is my own. It’s sort of like a diary, in a way. But I really want to connect with others. Forgive me for whining. I don’t mean to be ungrateful for what I have, or greedy for what I want. I supposed I’m just frustrated, and longing for some feedback.

Come To Me

The Pensive Poet (Kristina):

I love this poem. It’s very strong, and earnest. The sincerity shines through.

Originally posted on Sounds of the Son:

Come to me.
Not with open hands, but with open heart.
For hands that know only their own wants
Will be emptied just as soon as they are filled.

Come to me.
Not with open arms, but with open mind.
For the head that holds onto its own needs
Will be stymied just as soon as it is stilled.

Come to me.
Not with open eyes, but with open soul.
For what is gotten through desirous vision
Will be sullied just as soon as it is willed.

Come to me.
Not with open mouth, but with open ears.
For words spoken without understanding
Will be buried just as soon as they’re spilled.

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Wednesday Music

I enjoy posting songs periodically on my blog. Particularly, music videos, is what I’m referring to.  Yes, mainly I’m a poet/writer, but I really do have a love of and appreciation for music. Jazz, rock, folk, indie, opera, oldies, big band, Celtic, house, world, avant-garde, disco, you name it, I like it. Not really a big country fan, but I can still appreciate it.

Anyways, I would like to add a section to my blog, Wednesday Music, and dedicate Wednesdays to posting songs. Now, usually I post a “playlist”, with like 4-6 songs. Mainly, my theory on that is, if you listen to the first one and like it, you might want to listen to a few others of the same genre. Then again, there are other bloggers who post a single song at a time.

I would really appreciate some feedback from you, my readers and fellow bloggers. Should I post single songs, or continue with my norm of posting a small list of songs at a time?