To the Unknown Lover


(Photo credit: Gabe Habash)

To the one who will love me,
who will hold me in your arms,
as I close my eyes, inhale your scent,
sharing secrets before dawn;
to the one who will earn my trust,
who be more than my best friend,
and cherish me better than,
any other you have known;
to the one who will be my partner,
in both happiness and sorrow,
when my hair has turned to grey,
and we both have become older;
to you, my unknown lover,
I want to say,
I am waiting for you, dearest one,
and I look forward to the day,
when we find each other.

My Only


This is so tender, so honest, so moving….it’s a measure of true beauty. Very nice. It truly moved me.

Originally posted on Sounds of the Son:

I want to tell you that you’re lovely
But the words just lump up in my throat
I want to ask you if you’ll love me
Bu my nerves jump up, and I choke

I want to tell you that I’m lonely
But I’m afraid you’ll crush my hope
I want to ask you to be my only
But I’m afraid you’ll only crush this note

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(Photo credit: Martin Barraud)

I wish I could be generic,
a constant smile on my face,
and be like other people,
never feeling out of place.

If I were generic,
I wouldn’t worry or fuss,
life would cease to be complicated,
I wouldn’t doubt myself but trust.

Generic people have it easier,
or so sometimes it may seem,
but they lack a depth of understanding,
which is part of my very being.



(Photo credit: Jasmine Alexander)

Sing your lonely song,
of passion, wisdom, and fire,
burning with a mighty purity,
sing of your heart’s longing,
and what needs awakening
in the souls of those who surround you.

O muse, sing to me, again,
of your truth and dedication,
draw forth from your depths
the strength of the ages,
and beauty of creation,
lighting the ember inside of me.

Without your words resonating,
inspiring my own song to take flight,
my heart steps forward, fluttering,
when I fall just short of the mark,
I need your hand to hold,
to bring my own truth to light.



(Photo credit: Google images)

Why do I disappear?
I grow weary of the lies,
the everyday facade
worn by everyone I meet;
I play along, as long as I can,
until the mask falls,
revealing who I am.

Why do I disappear?
The differences between us
create a barren canyon,
across which there is no bridge;
the energy used to overcome it,
tears me down inside,
til I’m raw from being numb.

Why do I disappear?
Fitting in is not an option,
but loneliness draws my attention,
tempting me to connect;
when I’ve had enough,
I withdraw into myself,
relief found in remembering who I am.

Friday Music

Well, it’s that time of the week again, Friday. The day before the weekend starts. Many of us have busy Fridays and weekends, but it’s usually a good sort of busy, the kind of busy we’ve been looking forward to all week. Anyhow, here are some songs that might brighten your day. Enjoy.

(This is a fun video, and catchy song.)

(Another cool video from one of my all-time favorite bands.)

(Couldn’t find a video, but still it’s a cool song.)

(Alot more “girly” than I normally go for, but I found this cute and fun, perfect for a Friday.)

(Unique sound, pretty interesting.)

(This is one of those songs that gets stuck in my head.)

(Something upbeat to end this post with!)

Lost in the Quiet


(Photo credit : Michelle Fader)

Lost in the quiet,
the silence palpable
inside my head;
I feel, no longer
can I simply think,
of these things,
plaguing me,
tearing down my peace.

Lost in the quiet,
silent tears the cry,
of a lonely heart;
I am, no longer
thinking of he,
that beautiful lie,
held for too long,
now that I’m done.

Lost in the quiet,
pensive longing,
the song of my heart;
I will, no longer
give ear to doubt,
which devours light,
birthing shadows,
tarnishing the soul.

Lost in the quiet,
silence radiates,
unspoken dreams;
I, no longer
wanting to cry,
am stronger,
refined by the fire,
unwilling to let hope die.

To Love A Woman


Marlon captured the essence of loving a woman in a beautiful, deep, amazing way. I love this!

Originally posted on Sounds of the Son:

What does it mean to love a woman,
Is it not the highest reaching of reality?
Does it not hold the greatest lessons,
The highest teachings of totality?

What does it mean to love a woman,
Is it not the greatest triumph of the soul?
Does it not demand the sweetest sacrifice
The greatest trials and toughest road?

What does it mean to love a woman,
Is it not the grandest accomplishment of spirit?
Does it not descend from some high heaven,
The greatest calling to those who hear it?

What does it mean to love a woman,
Is it not the truest desire of the heart?
Does it not depend on new beginnings,
The truest intentions from start to start?

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